Mile Stones in the History of the SABS



14 Jan.1873

Birthday of the Founder Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry

23 Dec.1880

Birthday of our Co-Foundress Mother Mary Francisca de Chanthal

29 Jan.1908

Humble beginning of the Adoration Congregation in a cow shed at Edathua

08 Dec.1908

Foundation of the Congregation at St.George Church Edathua

10 Dec. 1908

The Blessing of the First house in a temporary shed at Champakulam

03 Dec. 1911

Episcopal Consecration of Mar Thomas Kurialacherry at Kandy in Sri Lanka

10 Dec. 1911

Religious Vestition of the first five members of the SABS at Champakulam

18 Mar. 1916

Perpetual Profession of the first four members at Parel church, Changanacherry

21 Aug. 1916

Perpetual profession of Mother Mary Francisca de Chantal at the Bishop’s house Changanacherry

14 Sept.1917

Constitution was given by the Founder with the ‘Regula’ of St.Augustine

02 June 1925

Demise of our beloved Founder in Rome

30 April 1930

Mother Mary Philomina was appointed as the First Mother General of SABS

06 May 1930

Blessing of the first house at Koratty in the Ernakulam Archdiocese

25 July  1935

Founder’s mortal remains brought back & re-interred in the Cathedral, Changanacherry

28 Aug. 1948

Establishment of the Ernakulam Unit, Mother  Mary Cruz Mother General 

08 April 1952

Establishment of the Pala Unit, Mother Mary Regina Mother General

22 April 1961

Establishment of Kothamangalam Unit, Mother Mary Cruz Mother General

15 Sept.1963

Unification of the Congregation, Mother Mary Espirith First Superior General unified SABS

24 April 1965

Erection of St.Joseph’s Province, Thalassery

17 June 1965

Starting of the SABS Generalate, Cenacle at Aluva

03 Dec. 1965

Starting the mission work outside Kerala, Hundung in Manipur state by Pala Province

18 Mar. 1966

Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Congregation & the First members

11 Feb. 1968

Pontifical Status and approval of the Constitution of the SABSCongregation 

18 Mar 1969

The blessing of the Generalate building at Aluva

25 May 1972

Demise of Mother Mary Francisca  de Chanthal, Co-Foundress

11 Feb.1978

Erection of St.John’s Province, Kanjirappally

08 Dec.1983

Platinum Jubilee Celebration of the Congregation at Cenacle

12 Dec.1983

Superior General submitted an application to the Archbishop of Changanacherry, to take up the Causes of the  Canonization of our Founder

01 Oct. 1984

Demise of V. Rev.Fr.Sales CMI - President of unification process

27 April 1991

Closing ceremony of the diocesan process for the Causes of  the Canonization of our Founder

28 Mar 1996

The “Positio Virtutibus” of  the Servant of God Mar Thomas Kurialacherry, our Founder was submitted to the Congregation for the saints.

22 Dec. 1997

Erection of Mananthavady Province

18 Mar.1998

Erection of Pavithrathma Vice Province of Jagadalpur

22 Mar 1998

Erection of Jyothirmai Vice Province, Ujjain

25 Mar. 1998

Erection of Jairani Vice Province, Punjab - Orissa

29 Mar 1998

Erection of Christu Jyothi Vice Province, Satna

14 June 1998

Erection of Corpus Christi Vice Province, Dimapur

11 Janu  2001

Erection of Nirmal Rani Vice Province, Thrissur

15 Sept 2003

Vice Provinces of Jagadalpur, Satna, Punjab, Ujjain, Dimapur, Odisha and Thrissur attained the status of Province

17 Jan. 2004

Erection of Vimala Matha Province, Thamarassery

19 Jan.2004

Erection of Vimal Rani Province, Palakkad

20 Jan. 2004

Erection of Jai Matha Province, Idukki

11 June 2006

Starting of Zion Vidya Bhavan (Theology Course) at Cenacle

08 Dec.2008

Centenary celebrations of the congregation at Cenacle

14 Jan. 2009

Inauguration of SABS Sion Region in East Africa.

02 April 2011

Founder Bishop is declared ‘Venerable’ by Pope Benedict XVI

05 Sept.2011

Definitive Approval of the Constitution

02 April 2016

Erection of  Sion Province, East Africa

04 April 2016

Erection of Jeevodaya Province, Andhra