SABS Vocation

We adore the Eucharistic Lord
·         In reparation for our sins and The World
·         For the needs of the church
·         For the families
·         For the sick
·         For peace and grace from the Lord
·         For the whole World
We teach in schools and colleges
·         To impart moral and Christian values along with academic excellence
·         To prepare them for sacraments
·         To help them to develop into a whole person
·         To train them as builders of the nation
We take care of the disabled children
·         We love them
·         We teach them
·         We provide them with basic amenities
We take care of the sick
·         Through dispensaries, clinics, health centers, nursing homes and hospitals
·         Our resources include doctors, nurses, laboratory and X-ray technicians
We love and care the orphans infected and affected by HIV and AIDS 
·         Mothers to the motherless
·         Friends to play with
·         Teachers to learn and grow
·         Guides to lead to the Forefront
·         Helpers to live a life of fullness